What Channel is Bally Sports on Dish Network in 2024?

Bally Sports offers great entertainment bundles for baseball fans across America. However, Dish Network and Bally have had disagreements over pricing and contracts. As a result, Bally Sports is currently not available on Dish Network in any region.

This article explains more about Bally Sports, Dish Network, and how to watch Bally Sports if you’re a Dish customer.

What is Bally Sports?

Bally Sports is a rebranded version of the old Fox Sports regional networks. The Sinclair Broadcast Group operates Bally Sports channels, but the name rights were sold to casino company Bally’s Corporation for $88 million over 10 years.

So why the rebranding? In 2019, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox. However, the U.S. Justice Department ordered Disney to sell the Fox regional sports networks instead of combining them with ESPN.

Sinclair Broadcasting ended up purchasing the networks for $10 billion. Then came the Bally Sports rebrand on March 31, 2021.

Why Isn’t Bally Sports on Dish Network?

Dish Network has disagreed with Fox Sports in the past over pricing and contracts. This tension continued with the Bally Sports rebrand.

Here’s why Dish Network doesn’t carry Bally Sports currently:

  • Contract disputes. Dish Network felt Fox Sports charged too much for rights to air games. These pricing disputes continue with Bally Sports.
  • Removal since 2019. Dish actually removed Fox Sports regional networks from airing back in 2019. The rebrand to Bally Sports didn’t change Dish’s stance.

It’s uncertain whether Bally Sports will ever return to Dish Network given this history. For now, Dish customers cannot watch Bally Sports.

Dish Network Channel Packages

Here’s a quick overview of Dish Network’s main channel packages in case you’re considering switching providers:

Package Channels Price/Month
America’s Top 120 190+ channels, 60+ HD $69.99
America’s Top 200 240+ channels, 125+ HD $94.99
America’s Top 250+ 290+ channels, 140+ HD $104.99

All packages include:

  • Free DVR
  • Local channels
  • Google Voice Remote

Premium channels like HBO and Starz can be added for an extra monthly fee.

How to Watch Bally Sports Without Dish

Since Bally Sports isn’t on Dish Network, what are your options as a Dish customer?

Here are a few ways to watch Bally Sports games and content without a Dish subscription:

1. Get the Bally Sports App

The Bally Sports app (formerly Fox Sports Go) offers live games when you authenticate with a TV provider login. This will only work if your TV provider carries Bally Sports. For Dish users, this option is out.

2. Switch TV Providers

Some providers like DIRECTV, AT&T TV, and YouTube TV may carry Bally Sports in your area. You’d need to switch from Dish to access Bally Sports channels.

Of course, switching providers isn’t always easy. Make sure to compare all features and pricing first.

3. Listen on the Radio

You can always listen to Bally Sports games on local AM/FM radio broadcasts. It’s not video, yet still lets you follow the play-by-play action.

4. Follow Online Updates

If all else fails, you can follow game scores and highlights through MLB apps or Bally Sports online updates. Online clips and highlights at least let you glimpse key plays.

We hope this clears up the current Dish Network vs. Bally Sports situation! Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments.

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