An In-Depth Look at the Massimo MSU 500 UTV

So you’re interested in the Massimo MSU 500 utility terrain vehicle (UTV)? Great choice! This powerful ride combines durability, cargo capacity, and affordability in one awesome package. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the MSU 500, from pricing and engine specs to dimensions and key features.

Overview of the Massimo MSU 500

The MSU 500 from Massimo Motors packs some impressive capabilities:

  • 22.5 horsepower engine
  • Towing capacity up to 1,212 pounds
  • Top speed around 50 mph
  • 350 pound cargo bed capacity

It’s built on a sturdy tubular steel frame with a compact, maneuverable design perfect for trails, worksites, farms, hunting camps, and all types of off-road adventure.

Best of all, it does this while keeping costs low compared to models from bigger name competitors.

Current Pricing for the Massimo MSU 500

One of the top things people want to know – how much does this UTV cost?

  • Base models run between $7,995 and $8,995.
  • That’s thousands less than many comparable UTVs.

For the power, versatility, and price, this rugged vehicle delivers excellent value.

Now, let’s get into more of the nitty gritty specs and options…

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the liquid-cooled 471cc single-cylinder SOHC engine puts out efficient, reliable power:

  • Bore x stroke ratio: 84.5 mm x 84 mm
  • Top speed up to 50 mph based on gearing and conditions
  • Centrifugal clutch for easy operation

It uses electronic fuel injection with a D46-5/1 throttle body to balance smooth throttle response and optimal fuel economy.

The engine stays cool thanks to the liquid cooling system with front-mounted radiator, allowing it to work hard when needed without overheating issues.

Drivetrain and Transmission

Gearing and the drivetrain are optimized for utility use:

  • Automatic V-belt transmission for simple shifting
  • Shaft drive to the rear wheels
  • Three gear ranges – High, Low, Reverse

The transmission keeps you in the right gear for hauling cargo around worksites or traversing narrow trails while hunting or camping off-grid.

Towing, Cargo, and Payload Capacity

One place the Massimo MSU 500 really stands out is its ability to transport people, gear, and tow serious loads:

  • 1,212 pound towing capacity – enough for a small trailer loaded with hunting gear or a pair of dirt bikes
  • 350 pound cargo bed capacity – haul bags of animal feed, firewood, tools around the farm or acreage
  • Up to 400 pounds total vehicle capacity counting passengers and cargo

It has the ruggedness and power to take on tasks around rural properties, campsites, hunting lands, farms, adventure parks, and more.

Chassis and Suspension

The MSU 500 is built tough for off-road use:

  • Tubular steel frame provides durability
  • 11 inches minimum ground clearance helps clear obstacles, uneven terrain, and mud pits
  • 5 degree caster and 26mm trail balance easy turning with stability

Coilover shock absorbers soak up bumps and dips to maintain control. The well-balanced chassis provides great maneuverability on tight trails without sacrificing stability hauling loads at higher speeds.

Braking and Wheels

Stopping power comes from dual hydraulic disc brakes with a foot pedal actuator:

  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Operation via a foot pedal on the floorboard

It rides on 25 – 27 inch tubeless tires, depending on model. The stamped steel wheels and quality tires can traverse all sorts of tricky off-road conditions while providing good traction.

Electrical System

Electric systems give it convenience and diagnostics:

  • 12 volt electrical system
  • ECU mounted under the seat monitors engine sensors
  • Twin 30 watt headlights and 21/5 watt tail/brake lights provide visibility

The alternator keeps the battery charged to run accessories and electronics even when off-grid.

Key Dimension and Capacities

  • Length: 118.5 inches
  • Width: 57.5 inches
  • Height: 76.4 inches
  • Wheelbase: 74.4 inches
  • Ground clearance: 11 inches
  • Curb weight: 1,301 pounds
  • Seat height: 32.2 inches

With its compact size and good ground clearance, it squeezes through narrow gaps around trees or brush piles that bigger trucks can’t. The low center of gravity created by the shaft drive and under seat fuel tank increases stability.

It has a 7.4 gallon fuel tank, allowing a good operating range before refueling.

Accessories and Owner Resources

Massimo Motors has a range of upgrades like winches, brush guards, and roof-mounted lights to customize your UTV.

You’ll want to bookmark the owner’s section of Massimo’s website for maintenance tips, manuals, and contacting customer support. This can save you time and money down the road.

Final Impressions on the Massimo MSU 500

For an affordable but very capable utility terrain vehicle, it’s hard to beat everything the Massimo MSU 500 brings to the table:

✅ Compact, maneuverable trail runner ✅ Serious cargo and towing capacities
✅ Powerful engine and drivetrain ✅ Tons of accessories for customization

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to haul loads around your land while still being able to enjoy some off-road fun, this rugged UTV is well worth a close look.

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