Accessing Your iPhone’s Clipboard History

Have you ever wanted to quickly paste something you copied earlier on your iPhone? Or perhaps see a history of everything recently saved to your clipboard? The good news is – it’s possible!

In this handy guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about accessing your iPhone’s clipboard.

What is the Clipboard on iPhone?

The clipboard is like a temporary holding area for text, images, links, and other content you copy or cut on your device. Anything saved to the clipboard can then be pasted somewhere else later on.

The clipboard makes copying and pasting quicker and easier. Marketers, students, or anyone managing lots of text will find it useful!

Key Tip: The iPhone clipboard only stores one item at a time. The most recently copied content will overwrite anything copied before.

Viewing Clipboard Content on iPhone

When you copy text or other content on your iPhone, you won’t get a popup or indicator showing it was saved to the clipboard. But don’t worry, it’s still accessible!

Here are two easy ways to view the current clipboard contents:

  • Paste Into Notes App: Open the Notes app and paste the clipboard contents into a new note. You’ll now see exactly what’s stored there.
  • Special Accessibility Feature: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Clipboard. You’ll instantly see the last copied item.

Clearing the Clipboard

To wipe any sensitive or personal data from your clipboard:

  • Open the Notes app and paste random text until overwritten.
  • Alternatively, turn the device off and on again to clear the clipboard.

Accessing Clipboard History on iPhone

Since the iPhone only saves one clipboard item at a time, there isn’t an official clipboard history.

But by using the Clipboard++ app or pasting copies into the Notes app, you can save and access a history manually!

Here’s how:

Using Clipboard++

  • Download and install the Clipboard++ app
  • Copy any text as usual
  • Open Clipboard++ to see all recently copied content
  • Access and manage clips whenever needed!

Using Notes App

  • Copy any text as normal
  • Open Notes and paste the text into a new note
  • Title and organize notes by date or topic
  • Revisit any past copies saved in your notes!

These methods let you access a functional clipboard history on iPhone. With some organization of notes and clips, you’ll be able to paste copies faster than ever!


While iPhone doesn’t have an official clipboard history feature, workarounds with Notes and Clipboard apps create that functionality. Now you can easily save, organize, and paste any copies made on your iPhone.

I hope this guide gave you a better understanding and control of your iPhone clipboard. With these handy tools, copying and managing content will be quicker and simpler than ever!

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