Mastering Wordle: A Guide to 5-Letter Words with the Most Vowels

Wordle has taken the world by storm! As you likely know from all the social media buzz, it’s a wildly popular online word game.

In this guide, we’ll explore 5-letter words with the most vowels to help give you an edge. Whether you’re a Wordle pro or novice, you’ll learn some vowel-packed word secrets.

How Vowels Impact Your Wordle Strategy

Vowels are crucial in Wordle for revealing those all-important colored letter clues. As you play, pay attention to these key vowel insights:

  • Most English words contain at least one vowel. This makes them very useful early guesses.
  • Words with multiple vowels like “AUREI” tend to appear more often.
  • Vowel-heavy starter words give you more chances for green or yellow feedback.

So strategically, packing in the vowels is smart – especially for your first couple of guesses.

“Vowel-stuffing is all about facilitating the elimination process. You have a better chance of a vowel returning with green or yellow feedback than a vowel-free word like ‘QUEUE’.”

Now let’s explore some ideal vowel-rich 5-letter words to boost your Wordle skill.

5-Letter Words With 4 Vowels


and more see the complete 4 vowel word list here.

5-Letter Words With 3 Vowels


and many more jump to the full 3 vowel word list here.

I’ve included some handy reference tables below with all the top 5-letter words packed with vowels.

You can scan through and find stellar starting guesses…or just use them as a general vowel-packed word resource.

Let’s get into it!

Complete List of 5-Letter Words With the Most Vowels

Study these lists below for some stellar guesses:

List of 5 Letter Words With 4 Unique Vowels

4 Vowel Words
adieu Louie
audio miaou
auloi ouija
aurei ourie

Complete List of 3 Vowel 5 Letter Words

3 Vowel Words 3 Vowel Words
About Koala
Again Labia
Piano Loose
Peace Yahoo
Abate Juice
House Boone

See the full table here

The tables above plus my specific word call-outs should give you a helpful head start. As one final tip, also consider balanced words with both vowels and common consonants like:


These give you added elimination power.

Now you’re ready to crush some Wordles! Let me know how these vowel-packing strategies work for you or if you discover any other stellar guesses. This guide will continue to evolve with the community’s input.

For now though, happy playing!

Full Table of 3 Vowel 5 Letter Words
3 Vowel Words 3 Vowel Words
About Korea
Again Koala
Piano Labia
Peace Loose
Abate Yahoo
House Juice
Alone Boone
Erica Goose
Anime Eager
India Bayou
Above Isaac
Queen Noise
Media Agree
Dirty Tiara
Radio Empty
Voice Abuse
Value Opera
Alive Irate
Diana Eater
Ocean Naive
Maria Angry
Union Hobby
Eagle Bloom
Funny Email
Image Aroma
Silly Romeo
Olive Adore
Leave Ahead
Asian Miami
Aaron Issue
Argue Abase
Obama Cilia
Onion Tease
Quiet Omaha

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